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Our expertise
  • Pavers

    We have a paver for all occasions

    Yarrabee & Castlemaine has over 30 years experience in the stone industry, so you can rest assured that we know what we’re talking about when it comes to natural pavers!

    We offer pavers in a variety of different stones, including: bluestone, travertine, granite, limestone, quartz, sandstone, slate and Castlemaine Slate and Stone products.

    Our stunning showroom is the perfect place to come and see our pavers in action, as well as to get inspiration for your own project.

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  • Stone Suppliers

    30 years of industry experience

    With so many different stone suppliers out there, it can be hard to know for sure if you have chosen the right one. Look for one with experience and a friendly staff to give you that peace of mind!

    At Yarrabee & Castlemaine, our staff actually takes an interest in your project and want to equip you with the natural stone that you need to succeed.

    We also have over 30 years industry experience, making our advice and suggestions invaluable to those who ask for it.

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  • Travertine

    Sourced directly from Turkey

    To ensure the highest quality, all of our travertine is sourced directly from Turkey and is available in two standard forms – tumbled unfilled, which displays its natural characteristics, and honed and filled, which has a smooth finish.

    We have found that this beautiful material is suitable for a wide range of applications, both internal and external, making it quite a versatile stone.

    Yarrabee & Castlemaine have used travertine in a variety of projects already, from bathrooms to pool coping, and are eager to assist you.

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  • Bluestone Pavers

    Never goes out of fashion

    Yarrabee & Castlemaine has found that this is one of our most popular stones and has put this down to bluestone’s stunning aesthetic appeal, incredible durability and easy to maintain nature.

    It is quite a popular material for outdoor use, especially pool coping, because it provides a non-slip surface and is able to withstand exposure to pool chemicals.

    We have also used bluestone pavers for feature walling and flooring in those more elegant areas of your home.

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  • Granite Pavers

    Versatility both indoors and outdoors

    Yarrabee & Castlemaine has made granite available in two very distinct forms – flamed features an exfoliated surface with a sheen-free appearance, whilst polished features a shiny surface that enriches its appearance.

    This is a truly beautiful and durable stone that can be used in a variety of applications around the home, from flooring and walling to pool coping.

    We are able to help you choose a form of granite to suit your needs, as well as to help you choose from our array of stunning colours.

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  • Sandstone Pavers

    A form for every look you can imagine

    Our range has been split into three main categories – Desert Sand, Pink Blush and Golden Dunes – but we can also help with other colours that fall outside of these categories if desired.

    Yarrabee & Castlemaine is able to source sandstone pavers in an array of shapes and sizes. We even offer bull-nosed or square edges depending on your needs.

    We can supply pavers that are natural cleft (which means that they are left with their natural texture), honed or smooth.

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