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Suppliers of quality natural stone pavers

  • Stone Paving

    Limestone paving
    Travertine Paving

    Stone Paving and Stone Flooring in Melbourne is a great option for any setting, inside and out. Natural stone looks great, is easy to maintain, has thermal benefits and is affordable. We stock a huge range of styles and colours so there’s something for everyone! Visit our showroom and discuss your needs with our experienced staff.

  • Dry Stone Walling

    Castlemaine Dry Stone Strata Walling Stone
    Castlemaine Dry Stone Strata Walling Stone

    Dry stone walling is a centuries-old technique, used to construct houses, fences, entry pillars, garden edges and retaining walls, and we continue this masonry legacy to this day. For over 50 years we have been hand-sorting the materials for application in dry stone walling.

  • Stone Flooring

    Noce Travertine stone flooring
    Fresco Limestone stone flooring

    As stone suppliers, we feel that stone flooring in Melbourne is a fantastic option in any setting: it looks great, it’s affordable, it will stand the test of time and it’s easy to maintain. We offer a huge range of flooring materials, from the elegant honed and filled travertine to the modern, stylish granite and sandstone, and everything in between.

  • Pool Coping

    Stone pool coping and edging products
    Castlemaine Pool coping

    Our natural pool edging in Melbourne offers texture, warmth, durability and elegance in your outdoor surrounds. Choose from any one of our exceptional materials, carefully selected to ensure suitability in a wet environment, ensuring a quality product that will stand the test of time.

  • Stone Wall Cladding

    Alpine stone wall cladding
    Various stone wall cladding options

    Stone bricks have been used for centuries in building and design - the oldest recorded stone walling dates back to 7000BC in southern Turkey. That stone cladding is still a popular style today says a lot about its durability and versatility.

  • Gabion Baskets

    Castlemaine gabion stone
    Gabion retaining walls

    Yarrabee has developed a simple to constructs steel gabion basket system to form feature stone pillars, garden retaining walls, garden edging, casual seats etc.

  • Random (Crazy) Paving

    Castlemaine Random Stone Paving
    Castlemaine Random Stone Paving

    Random paving remains a very popular form of stone paving adding an “informality” to most paving applications.

  • Landscape Slabs & Garden Rocks

    Castlemaine rocksand landscape slabs
    Castlemaine garden rocks and landscape slabs

    Castlemaine Landscape Slabs and Garden Rocks come from the same source as the Castlemaine Slate paving and offer unique earthy tones in a range of shapes and sizes.

  • Bathroom Stone Walling

    Colosseum Travertine stone wall cladding
    Colosseum Travertine stone wall cladding

    Stone flooring and walling, all done in the same product, will give any bathroom a stunning look. Yarrabee has a range of beautiful stone products including travertine, limestone, bluestone, granite, sandstone and marble which are ideal for this application.

  • Cobbles

    Limestone paving
    Travertine Paving

    Yarrabee has a range cobble stones cut from our popular paving stone products. Cobbles are 90 x 90 x 30mm and are available both square cut and tumbled.


Our Stones

Huge variety with something to suit every budget

Our Stones

Huge variety with something to suit every budget

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Truly appreciate our beautiful stone range by look and touch. Our helpful staff will assist you in making a selection that suits both your project needs and budget. 

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Bluestone, Limestone, Travertine, Granite, we've got it all! We source stone from our Victorian quarry together with imports from China, Turkey, India and Africa, to bring you the biggest and best range.

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Our helpful, experienced staff can advise you on the many stone applications, for indoors and outdoors, including paving, flooring, wall cladding and pool coping.